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What are the benefits of Joining
United Infrared?

  • Thermal Imaging Conference Registration for one person (second person same company $500, spouse $250). TIC Business Meeting included ($995 value)

  • Two National Business Meeting invitations, at-cost ($95 each), Held in January and September (Retails for $495 each).

  • access for one year: Basic support (IR Business and Marketing). $1 ticket submission with typical one business day turn-around. Includes unique application support for any module purchased.

  • Advanced (Expert job review, $100 per hour, fee based)

  • Report Review Service ($50-100/hour).

  • Private & Group based Business Coaching (Fees vary).

  • Business & Marketing support webinars (two per month).

  • United Infrared Services, Inc. (UIS) Authorized Contractor designation for those qualified. Includes the ability to work on UIS projects on a contract basis.

  • Level I-III Certification at preferred pricing (up to 25% off) ITC, Infraspection

  • UI Application Training (10% off) on application-specific training classes (Level I certification pre-requisite).

  • Equipment Consulting and Preferred pricing on Equipment (best price guarantee) on all available infrared and related equipment.

  • IR Camera rental program at preferred rates.

  • Support Members only Specials

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Commissions on any product sales you initiate (Product lines UI carries).

  • United Infrared Services Job Referral System access for one year. Inquiries into our national call center will be referred based on thermographer qualifications and geographic location. Priority is given to those who can demonstrate expertise in given application. Referral fee is paid to United Infrared Services, Inc. (15% of gross billed) upon job completion and contractor receipt of payment.

Being a united infrared Member

  • Credibility and Support

    By joining this network, you will be part of a network of infrared thermographers which will give you credibility by association. We will teach you, mentor you and ease you through the learning curve. When you are part of this network, you are not alone!

  • Discounts on IR Training

    You have to understand the basics of infrared thermography to be able to do the surveys on most of the modules. We have negotiated discounts for you to get the basics - some at 30% less than you can get on your own. To buy some modules and start receiving leads, you are required to become a Level I Certified Infrared Thermographer.

  • Discounts on Equipment

    By negotiating with the infrared training companies, we have secured attractive discounts for you, typically 10-15% lower prices than you can get on your own. For example, if you buy an infrared camera from our vendors (just about all of the imager manufacturers) for $5,000 and get 10% discount, you just paid for the membership.

  • Training Specific to an Application

    Each module has specific training and marketing that is associated with a specific application for infrared.

  • Legal Documents

    For each module, we provide you with specific report templates, invoicing and disclaimers, etc. (methodologies that save you from the learning curve).

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