By registering for the BlockWallScanIR™ online training course, you will receive access to over eight (8) hours of coursework and experience expert instruction by Greg Stockton, who has personally surveyed hundreds of CMU buildings. Greg will guide you though the following course components:

•The thermal principals of infrared scanning of CMU walls
•CMU construction techniques
•How to accomplish successful scans under many different types of ambient conditions.
•The market of CMU scanning services
•How to read the CMU building drawings
•Review of eighteen (18) different CMU scanning projects carried out over the past 25 years
•Several bonus materials
•BlockWallScanIR™ Exam
•Certificate of Completion (upon completing the coursework and making at least 85% on the examination)

You also receive the opportunity to:

•Attend live hands-on training sessions for only $99
•One (1) hour of review of the course by net meeting with the instructor
•Become an Authorized BlockWallScanIR™ Contractor and qualify for job referrals
•Subcontract work from United Infrared Services, Inc.