“The benefits of membership in United Infrared extend well beyond the obvious – equipment discounts and sales leads. Learning how to utilize infrared as part of my service line has expanded my business and my opportunities for increased revenue. In addition, the experience & passion of Greg Stockton and Peter Hopkins (company owners) add an invaluable component to my membership which I couldn’t find elsewhere.”

Brion Grant
Flagstaff, AZ
United Infrared Member
ASHI 2008 - Past President

"Just wanted to say thank you for a great two days! Peter and Greg are quite the team and it was a very enjoyable and informative presentation. It's great to see the passion they both have for the IR business. Your energy is a good thing! Keep up the awesome work you're doing...I'm excited about getting started."

Lisa Caceres
Novato, CA
United Infrared Member

“The benefit of joining UI is three-fold. One is the equipment discounts. I could not have purchased the same quality IR Camera without them. The second is the experience of Greg Stockton and Peter Hopkins. And the 3rd is the personal consultations members receive on how to market & sell, advice on jobs, and overall business advice. I could not find this combination of resources elsewhere.”

Keith Dibley
Fort Worth, Texas
United Infrared Member

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United Infrared, what you need to know!
Do You Infrared?

Are you a home or building professional looking to secure and expand your business during unsecure times? Maximize your market and your opportunities with infrared.

Don’t reinvent the wheel – join those who created it!

United Infrared, Inc is a company created to help contractors add infrared to their business. When you join, you not only receive discounts on infrared cameras, equipment & training, you also learn first-hand how to successfully grow an infrared business & how to use infrared to improve revenue and increase your business.

The uses for infrared can expand your business WAY beyond home inspections. Tired of the seasonality of the inspection business or having to depend on Realtor referrals? Add infrared and work all year long!


  • 1. $500 annual membership provides members SIGNIFICANT discounts on infrared cameras, software, equipment & Level I training.
  • 2. UI Members choose an application specific training modules which enhances the business you want to build. Modules range from $500-$2500 and include everything needed to build your IR consulting business.
    Each Module includes:
    • Training on how to perform the applicable infrared survey
    • Report templates, contracts, brochure and promotional display templates
    • Training on how to market, sell & grow an infrared business
  • 3. After training, receive continued marketing, sales and business support
  • 4. Be part of a National Network and receive leads from our National Marketing Campaign.

United Infrared is ideal for Home Inspectors who want to add infrared thermography to their service line but don't know how or where to start. Infrared thermography is a proven diagnostic technique recommended by the US Department of Energy for identifying areas of heat loss.

The company was created by Greg Stockton, a recognized innovator in the infrared industry who started his business from scratch, and Peter Hopkins, a veteran home inspector who added infrared thermography to his service line and created a successful and growing business as a result.

By offering multiple service modules, United Infrared's business model assures contractors of having year-round work and provides them with the opportunity to expand their business. The next module which will be launched is EquineIR™.

As modules are launched, they are released to our current module members first, then to United Infrared Members, and then to the public. To ensure the ability of obtaining a future module, it is strongly suggested that contractors purchase the current module (EnergyScanIR™).

Please visit our United Infrared website to learn about upcoming modules. Visit EnergyScanIR to learn about our first module.


Save your clients money and help them help our environment by adding EnergyScanIR™ to your service line!

We ask all of our new members if they would recommend UI to their colleagues. To date, the response has been yes for 100% of our membership. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • I think it answers a lot of questions in a very short period. It made the infrared business concepts gel for me as well as saved me from a lot of pitfalls/mistakes by learning from Peter's and Greg's vast experiences, both successes and failures.
  • There are great advantages to having access to the marketing aids, reports and network.
  • The equipment discounts more than covered my cost of membership and enabled me to purchase a higher quality infrared camera than would have otherwise been possible
  • Gives you all you need to be a successful thermal based business. The passion and enthusiasm is contagious - how could you fail after that?
  • The multiple modules provide lots of training under one roof. UI provides national exposure for my business and the opportunity to consistently network & learn.
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